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What Are The Differences Between Each Product?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing which products someone is aiming to compare.  However, the current Relab library consists of 5 highly acclaimed and award-winning reverb plugins, and as well as 2 different bundles.  

Each of the 5 reverb plug-ins are unique in their own ways.  Therefore, choosing one over another ultimately comes down to a customer’s personal taste.  But all 5 plug-ins (LX480, RHall, VSR S24, Sonsig Rev-A and Goldplate) as well as the 2 bundles can be found here, with a full list of their capabilities and features.

The bundles, both are packed with award-winning plug-ins, have only one significant difference that separates them. 

The first one, the “Reverb Bundle 2” contains 4 incredible plug-ins….the legendary LX480 Complete and RHall, the critically acclaimed VSR S24 and our revolutionary and brand new Sonsig Rev-A.

The second includes everything in the Reverb Bundle 2 with the addition of the unique and colorful Goldplate, for a total of 5 of the most amazing-sounding reverb plug-ins on the market today. 

Updated on March 2, 2021

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