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Important Update for Gobbler Relab Reverb Suite Subscription Customers

We are writing to address the recent developments concerning the sudden closure of the Gobbler Marketplace and how it impacts your subscription to the Relab Reverb Suite bundle.

Transitioning Your Gobbler Subscription Plan

To ensure a seamless transition and continuity of service, we have established a specific link for all Relab Reverb Suite subscription customers.

Through this link, you’ll be able to import your existing subscription plan directly to Relab via your iLok account, allowing you to continue enjoying your plug-in bundle without interruption.

Import Your Gobbler Subscription To Relab Here

This is a two-step process.

  1. You must follow the steps to import your Subscription from Gobbler.
  2. You must click “Extend and Upgrade” in your account to add new billing information and crossgrade the old license to the new one so that your plan goes uninterrupted.

Step 1: Legacy Import

Step 2: Cross-Grade Your Subscription

Transfer of Remaining Time on Gobbler Subscription Plan

At Relab, we believe in fairness and transparency.

Therefore, the remaining time on your existing plan will be carried over to Relab during the transfer.

For example, if you decide to transition to a direct subscription with Relab partway through your current billing cycle, we will transfer the unused portion of your existing plan to your new subscription license.

You MUST however crossgrade your subscription in order to enter your payment information and stay active.

You will only be charged once your current period at Gobbler runs out…

This ensures a fair and smooth transition, allowing you to seamlessly continue enjoying our services without any risk of billing overlap.

Regarding the Kush Product “Goldplate”

We acknowledge that the sudden closure of Gobbler has created some unforeseen challenges, particularly concerning the Kush product “Goldplate.”

This product is officially a Kush product and not a Relab product. And because our agreement to include it in the bundle was facilitated through Gobbler and not directly with Kush, we find ourselves in a unique situation.

Rest assured that we are actively reaching out to Kush to explore potential solutions and find a way forward.

Kush’s customer support can be reached via this link:

Contact Kush Customer Support

Our commitment to providing you with exceptional service remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to resolving this matter as swiftly as possible.

Update on Discontinued Legacy Products – RHall and VSR S24

We would like to inform you about some changes regarding the availability of certain products in our suite. The Relab products “RHall” and “VSR S24” are legacy products that have been discontinued and will not be included in the new subscription plan.

However, we have ensured that you will not miss out on any functionalities. Everything that RHall was capable of achieving can now be accomplished with our advanced “LX480 V4 Dual-Engine,” providing you with superior reverb quality and versatility. Additionally, “VSR S24” is being succeeded by “REV6000,” a cutting-edge reverb plugin for which a license for the public beta is readily available within your new plan.

We understand that transitioning between plugins can take time, especially if you are in the midst of ongoing projects. To assist you in this process and ease the transition, we are offering a special 30-day extension for the legacy products “RHall” and “VSR S24.”

You can request this trial by reaching out to our support team, and we will be more than happy to facilitate this for you at the Relab Development Support Contact page.

Information for Former Slate Digital Bundle Customers

If you are a former Slate Digital customer who had access to LX480 through your subscription, we encourage you to reach out to Slate Digital directly. We have successfully negotiated an agreement with our friends at Slate Digital to ensure that you can maintain access to LX480.

For assistance and more information on this process, please visit the Slate Digital Support page.

Regarding Conversion or Credit of Subscription Time to Permanent Licences

Due to privacy laws and the lack of access to Gobbler’s customer data, we are currently unable to convert or credit any remaining subscription time toward the purchase of perpetual licenses via Relab.

We understand that this may be disappointing, and we want to assure you that we are actively exploring all possible solutions to address this issue.

The Relab Plug-in Suite Will Include All Future Relab Products

As always, your Relab bundle will automatically provide you access to all future Relab products including the brand new Maselec MEA-2 EQ as well as some exciting new releases just around the corner.


For further assistance and inquiries regarding the migration process, please feel free to contact us directly at the Relab Development Support Contact page.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience the sudden closure of the Gobbler Marketplace has caused.

Our team is here to assist you through this transition and ensure that your experience with Relab remains positive.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best Regards,

The Relab Development Team

Updated on November 1, 2023

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